Photo Library of Hyogo Prefecture No.1 ~ Awaji-Island1~ Naruto Kaikyo, Sumoto, Tsushi and Awaji-Island Beef Bowl and Seafood

We will introduce scenery of Uzushio (Whirlpools) of Naruto Strait, Sumoto Castle Ruins, Tsushi – Takadaya Kahei’s landscape. And also Awajishima beef bowl and various seafood of Awaji Island.

<Uzushio Cruise>

Uzushio cruise is to leave from Fukura bay at the southern tip of Awaji Island and go to see the whirlpools occurring around Ohnaruto Bridge. It takes about 1 hour.

The whirlpools is a phenomenon that occurs when ocean current that flowed into Osaka bay at high tide will make one round of Awaji Island and flow into the ocean which become low tide. The size of the vortex can reach up to 30 meters. This place is the only place in the world where such a large swirl can be formed.

The whirlpool tends to be the most likely to appear at the storm when the difference in tides becomes large, and a good whirlpools can be seen. In other words, expectation is large when full moon or new moon. Depending on the time of day, please select the departure time with high expectation of whirlpools occurrence on the website of Uzushio Cruise.

To Uzushio Cruise, two kinds of cruise ships, “Kanrin Maru” and “Nihon Maru” are in service.To Uzushio Cruise, two kinds of cruise ships, “Kanrin Maru” and “Nihon Maru” are in service.

<Michi No Eki “Uzushio”>

The Road Station Uzushio is next to the Ohnaruto Bridge and is a popular spot where you can see the beautiful scenery of the Naruto Strait. You can not only look at the Ohnaruto Bridge, but also enter the lower part of the road of Ohnaruto Bridge and go to the bridge pier.

Of course, gourmet and souvenirs are also substantial. There is “Awaji Island Onion Kitchen” famous for Awaji Island Burger and “Road Station Uzu Restaurant” where you can enjoy the seafood of Awaji sea. In the “Shop-Uzunokuni”, you can purchase various Awaji Island souvenirs, including Onion from Awaji Island.

<Uzu No Oka Ohnaruto Bridge Memorial Hall>

“Uzu No Oka” is on the hill overlooking the Naruto Strait. While watching the Naruto Strait, there are “superb view restaurant” where you can eat Awaji sea food and Awajishima beef bowl and other “Uzushio science hall” where you can learn about whirlpools.
The big onion object “O onion” is extremely great for Instagram!

<Sumoto Castle Ruins>

Sumoto Castle Ruins is at the top of Mikuma Mountain, 133 meters above sea level at southern part of Sumoto City. A simulated castle tower built as an observation platform in 1955 is overlooking the city. From here, you can see the whole city of Sumoto.

<Sumoto Onsen>

Sumoto hot spring town spreads out along the seashore from the Ohama Coast to Komoe coast. There are many hotels and well-established traditional Japanese Inn.


“Tsushi” is located on the west coast of Awajishima is the home of the famous merchant Takadaya Kahei who was detained in Russia in the Goronin case and returned safely afterwards.

There are historic sites such as “Yawata Shrine” which is the shirine of the Takadaya family and was worshiped by seafarers of the Kitamae Ship and “Takadaya Kahei mansion remains”

<Awajishima Beef Bowl>

Awajishima beef bowl is that stuck to Awaji’s ingredients, made with beef, onion and rice from Awaji Island. Many restaurants in Awajishima offer it. Not only ordinary beef bowl style but also steak rice bowl type, roast beef bowl type etc, various kinds of ingenuity are done by shops.

<Seafood of Awaji Island>

Awajishima is a treasure trove of marine products. Through the season, you can taste various marine products.
Among them, Hamo is known as the summer taste of Awaji.