Photo Library of Hyogo Prefecture No.2 ~ Awaji-Island2~ In and around of the Awaji city

We will introduce four attractions in Awaji-shi, north side of Awaji-shi “Izanagi Shrine”, “Honfukuji Temple・Mizumidou”, “Awaji Hana Sajiki” and “Awaji Yumebutai”. From the mythical era to the present age, please see the charm of Awajishima where there are places of interest in a wide range!

<Izanagi Shrine>

It is a shrine that festivals the gods of Nihashira, “Izanagi” and “Izanami” that appear in the mythology of “Nihon Shoki” and “Kojiki”.

Izanagi who accomplished “Kuniumi no Taigyo”, what is means “to make a country”  set up “Kakurinomiya” in the place of Taga in Awaji Island where he first gave birth, and he spent the rest of his life.

And it is said that the foundation of this shrine was enshrined as the “Temple of Lords” (Misasagi) was created in the residence site.
The current main shrine was built on “Misasagi”  that was a prohibited place in the Meiji era.

In the precincts, there is a “Meoto no Ogusu” (a couple of big camphor), which is designated as Hyogo Prefecture Designated Natural Monument. Originally grown as a single tree, the two trees planted separately are fused, and it is said that the gods of “Izanagi”and “Izanami” gods reside.

<Honfukuji Temple & Mizumidou>

Honfukuji is a temple that is said to have been built in the late stage of the Heian era, but in 1991 “Mizumido” was built by architect Tadao Ando by design.

As we get down to the basement of the pond with the stairs from the center of the pond where the lotus and lily is floating, there is a circular corridor painted in vermillion, and it is a unique construction that it reaches the central main hall through this.

The main hall is enshrined by “Honzon Yakushi Nyorai Zou”, designated by Awaji-shi Designated Important Cultural Heritage.


<Awaji Hana Sajiki>

Awaji Hana Sajiki is a sight of flower island awaji, which opened in conjunction with the opening of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in 1998. Various kinds of flowers bloom through the season on 3 times wider of Tokyo Dome.

From the observation deck, you can see the Akashi Strait and the ocean in Osaka bay over the hill where flowers bloom. We will deliver a picture of the period when blue salvia and cosmos sulphureus bloom at the end of the summer.

<Awaji Yume Butai> ~Dream Stage of Awaji~

The Awaji Yume Butai was built in the site of the collection of earth and sand used to build an artificial island in Osaka bay including Kansai Airport. There are various facilities such as Westin Hotel Awaji, International Conference Hall, Miraculous Star Botanical Garden, Hakka flower bed, National Akashi Kaikyo Park. Buildings of innovative design are arranged by architect Tadao Ando’s design.