Kamikawa-town tourist facilities

The second of the columns that convey the charm of Kamikawa-cho introduces the tourist facilities in the town.We will take up six facilities,“Mineyama Kogen Resort White Peak”, which opened in December 2017,”Karmin Tourist Information”, “Gin no Bashamichi Koryu-kan” in front of Teramae Station, “Awaga no Umaya” “Michi-no-eki Gin no Bashamichi ・Kamikawa” and the “Kanzaki Pinocchio-kan”.

<Mineyama Kogen Resort White Peak>

It is a new ski resort opened in December 2017. The new ski resort opened in Japan for the first time in 14 years. There are two lifts, “Forest Line” and “Mountain Line”, and there are 3 courses: “South Course” for beginners, “Center Course” for intermediate levelers, “West Course” for advanced users, and 3 courses there is. A wide range of items such as skis and snowboards are also available, making it a popular ski area where you can easily go home. Easy access by car from Bantan-do Kanzaki Minami IC for about 30 minutes, and 480 parking lots are also available. In addition, shuttle bus goes out from JR Teramae station square, and it is easy to make a reservation from the homepage.

Then let’s tell about the state of Mineyama Kogen Resort White Peak from here.

We asked the customers who skid on the center course to be a model. Please look at the fun and glamorous skiing of everyone!

Mineyama Kogen ski area specialty! Kaonashi-san.It also looks good on the fixed point camera.

Commemorative photo with “Karmin” from Kamikawa-cho! A ski version of “Karmin” with goggles and boots on the cap. By the way, “Karmin” is not a rabbit. It is a fairy of the forest. Did you know that Kamikawacho has the same heart shape as the shape of Karmin’s face?

The Karmin park, which is very popular with children, is next to a parking lot across the road from the lift station. It is the largest kids park in West Japan. Facilities such as sled play and fluffy playground equipment which go up the slope with moving belt are ready for children!

This bus is the reception, and the staff is resident.

                                                                 Moving belt

Next, let’s introduce the facilities of the center house.

There are only snow resorts where you can go home and there is a great deal of rental available. We have skis, snowboards, clothing, ski boots, as well as children’s sleds and striders.

There is also a shop. Gloves and hats can be purchased here. There is also a waterproof spray, children’s snow goods, snacks and more.


It is a food court on the second floor of the center house. You can enjoy a hotel-quality meal with a unique menu such as “Tazumi no Tamago nokke Loco Moco”, “Torori Cheese Taccarbi” and “Chef’s Special BEEF Don”.

                                                                   Food court

There is a kids corner next to the food court. It is safe even with children.

                Kids corner

This is the “Nippon Snowboard Academy Mineyama school” located opposite the center house and next to the lift platform. There are menus for adult lessons, kids lessons and family lessons, and you can feel free to take a snowboard lesson.

       Nippon Snowboard Academy Mineyama school

Next to Karmin Park, which I introduced earlier, there is an area with white dome-shaped tents. Here you can enjoy food here.

Let’s introduce two popular shops among them.

First of all, it’s a hot topic restaurant where you can eat authentic pizza at the ski resort.

                                               Snow restaurant pizza shop

What is authentic? When I order this shop and pizza, it starts from stretching the dough. From there !? It may take some time … Please rest assured. With great skill, put the ingredients on the stretched fabric, put it in a bowl, bake it, and cut it, please! It takes less than 5 minutes to come out. Still, naturally, it was freshly made, so naturally the dough was crisply baked on the surface, and the texture of the inside was very chewy . It is just craftsmanship.

This couple ordered Margherita.

The Reporting team will get bacon fungi on the outside bench! It was exquisitely seasoned with shiitake mushroom, and it was very delicious in combination with bacon and cheese.

Next, here is a restaurant of  Yuzu Haikara Udon.

After all winter is nice. In addition, it is Udon noodles of refreshing taste that yuzu flavor of Kamikawa-cho specialty worked well.

                                               Snow Restaurant Udon Shop

Here too, I found a happy couple. Even after this, customers were coming and going and it was very busy.

It is a set of recommended Yuzu Haikara Udon and Inari.

【Karmin Tourist Information】

It is a tourist information center in Kamikawacho adjacent to JR Bantan Line “Teramae Station”. Please drop in if you can come to Kamikawa-cho. We offer various information such as sightseeing, food, accommodation of Kamikawa-cho. There are also plenty of maps and brochures for Kamikawa-cho. You can also buy special products made using the famous water from Kamikawa-cho , souvenirs and Karmin goods. You can also use Karmin’s bicycle rental (for a fee) here. Please stop by for the waiting time of the train, the waiting time for the shuttle bus at the Mineyama Kogen Ski Resort that comes out of the station.

                                       Karmin Tourist Information

         Get souvenirs before you get on the train!

  There are plenty of processed products of Kamikawa-cho specialty Yuzu

<Gin no Bashamichi Koryu-kan>

【Gin no Bashamichi Koryu-kan】 The “Garden carriageway” was newly created in 1876 (Meiji 9) as a road connecting the north and south about 49 km between Ikuno Ginzan and Shikamako Port (now Himeji Port). The official name is “Ikuno Kozanryo Bashamichi”, and is said to be Japan’s first high-speed industrial road. It is certified as a Japanese Heritage Site as an “Road of mine” that carries mineral products such as the Akenobe kozan in Yabu city and Ikuno Ginzan in Asago city to the port. Gin no Bashamichi runs through Kamikawa-cho and extends to Ichikawa-cho, Fukusaki-cho, and Himeji.

Gin no Bashamichi Koryu-kan was opened in October 2007 as a place of community exchange, as a base of town development. In the hall, there are a large number of documents related to silver carriageways such as the state of carriages at that time and restoration models of the carriageways of “Makadam type” pavement, as well as documents on the history and culture of Kamikawacho You The street where the exchange center is located is designated as a historical landscape formation area, and the old town remains.

                                            Gin no Bashamichi Koryu-kan

                                Cross section specimen of Gin no Bashamichi

                         Goods sale corner such as Gin no Bashamichi T-shirt

<Awaga no Umaya>

Awaga no Umaya is a facility that has renovated an old house, and is an exchange facility that offers tourist information, sales of special products such as Senreicha and other Kamikawa-cho products and events. Local residents of the Nakamura cho and Awaga cho districts are managed and utilized as centers. The Awaga area developed as a Post town in the former Ikuno Kaido, and after entering the Meiji era, a Gin no bashamichi was developed and developed as the center of the former Kanzaki-cho. Now not crowded at the time,but there are still many buildings that retain the atmosphere of the time.Next to Awaga no umaya, there is a signpost of Awaga no umaya.When the Bantan railways was opened during Teramae and Shikamako area in 1887, The stage coach was operated as a landing station to Tsurui station from here.

                                                       Awaga no Umaya

           Signpost of Awaga no Umaya

<Michi-no-eki Gin no Bashamichi Kamikawa>

In November 2017, the “Kanzaki Daikoku-Chaya” with its thatched roof was renovated, and the roadside station “Michi-no-eki Gin no Bashamichi Kamikawa” was opened. To the east of Michi-no-eki, there is an existing trace of Gin no Bashamichi . As it is located along Route 312, you can collect elemental tourist information, purchase souvenirs, special products, and agricultural products as a resting place for driving. “Gin no Bashamichi teishoku” and “Daikokumaki sushi” are popular.

                                 Michi-no-eki ・Kamikawa

       Michi-no-eki ・Kamikawa Kanzaki Daikoku-cha-ya

                                             Gin no Bashamichi Teishoku

                                           Existing Trace of Gin no Bashamichi

<Kanzaki Pinocchio Kan>

Kanzaki Pinocchio Kan is a facility where you can experience various woodworking experiences. When you enter the entrance, you will be welcomed by a large Pinocchio 195 cm. In the woodworking craft experience popular with children, they create paintings by painting colors with paints based on woodworking kits such as savings boxes and watches. In the seasonal experience class, finish work with stencils such as Ohina-sama, Koinobori, and Christmas trees. There is also a Thor paint class that passes many times to complete a authentic work. It is also popular for housewives’ DIY because it offers a full-scale woodworking experience. There are also exhibits and sales of woodwork such as benches, tables, table accessories, Karmin goods and so on.

                                                    Kanzaki Pinocchio Kan

                                      195 cm Pinocchio statue at the entrance

              State of Pinocchio Kan


                Karmin Goods

     There are also sales of useful woodworking products

                             100 kinds of animal woodwork, 100 yen each 

                                                   Example of  Workshop

                                   You can also do authentic woodworking

Craft classroom

Summer vacation is full of children. Tole paint classes are also held.

                                                       Woodworking room

                                              The tools are also complete

                                                State of Tole paint class

                                                          Craft kit for children

There is a Karmin signboard at the entrance of this facility, but all Karmin signboards you see in Kamikawacho are made here. There are 12 kinds of poses for Karmin.

This time, we introduced the newly opened Mineyama Kogen Ski Area and various types of tourist facilities in Kamikawa-cho. If you come to Kamikawa, please try it. There are other tourist facilities in Kamikawa-cho, so I would like to introduce you on the occasion of another.