Kamikawa Town Kanzaki Farm Park Yodel Forest


The fifth of the columns that convey the charm of Kamikawa-cho introduces the Kanzaki Farm Park Yodel Forest, a nature-filled rural park in the northeastern part of Kamikawa-cho.

At Kanzaki Rural Park Yodel Forest, you can interact closely with 60 animals including dogs, cats, alpacas, capybaras and kangaroos. On the outdoor animal stage, bird performance shows and dog performance shows are held daily. The river that flows into the park is a place where you can catch fish, and there are many attractions such as go-karts, jabubabu ponds, grass slides, and horse riding experiences. There are also experience classes where you can experience gourmet and craft experiences. The restaurant is popular for about 30 rural biking items, and the cafe is popular for its homemade thick soft cream and pudding.

Yodel Forest Entrance

State in the park blessed with nature

Children can play in the water at Jabu Jabu Pond

<Good time with Alpaca>

Alpaca will take a walk with the staff. You can touch Alpaca and take a memorial photo together.

Alpacas who came out to the “alpaca ranch” from the hut eat grass so deliciously. Sometimes Alpaca is lying on the grass and rolling. Alpaca is vulnerable to summer heat, so summertime is often in a cool cabin.

<Dog performance show>

You can watch the sheep dog chase sheep and catch frisbee brilliantly on the animal stage. (If summer temperatures are high or if it is rainy, it will be canceled.)

<Bird Performance Show>

The Yodel Forest Bird Performance Show is the hallmark of being held “outdoor” surrounded by forests. The hawks, owls and parrots fly alive in the sky is beautiful and powerful.

<Small Animals>

Capybara, Mara, ducks, rabbits (American fuzzy lop), guinea pigs, guinea fowls, etc.

<Penguins and seals>

<Wan Wan (Dog’s Crying) Park>

You can play with the cute dogs.

<Contact Cat Village>

It is a facility where you can meet cute cats. Cats sleep in their favorite places, relax and walk on catwalks.

<Rural Buffet>

n the restaurant “Edelweiss”, you can enjoy about 30 items of rural buffet with local produce and vegetables harvested in the garden. There are also homemade bread and homemade desserts.


In the craft experience, you can paint a glass plate, paint a tall paint, or an ocarina. In the gourmet experience, you can make animal bread and ice cream. The place is in the cafe restaurant “Berck”.

It is a park where you can meet animals while enjoying the green trees, beautiful water, beautiful air, and the beautiful nature of Kamikawa-cho. Both adults and children can enjoy it. The restaurant and hands-on classes are excellent, so you can play for one day. Flowers also bloom every season and the scenery is beautiful, so it is also recommended as a shooting location. Bird performance shows and dog performance shows are good practices for shooting moving things. If you want to learn shooting using motion mode, please try it.