Accommodation in Kamikawa-cho Part 1 “Miyeyama Kogen (Highland) Resort”

The sixth series to tell about charm of Hyogo Prefecture Kamikawa-cho talks about facilities such as glanping, cottage, camping. We will introduce three facilities in detail three times. First, I will introduce Mineyama Kogen resort as the sixth bullet -1.

<Mineyama Highland Resort>

This time, the gramping facility of “Miyeyama Highland Resort Green Peak”, Fall into the stars, Highland Campground MINEYAMA, tic! tac! We will introduce Climb MINEYAMA, Relaxia Forest, etc.


This campsite is 930 meters above sea level, and offers luxurious accommodation with outdoor and comfortable indoor space at the same time. The carpet is covered on the floor, and there are refrigerators, heaters and fans for comfortable use. For dinner, you can enjoy an upgraded barbecue outdoors. You can use the public baths of Mineyama Kogen Hotel Relaxia.

<Starry highland campsite  “Mineyama”>

This campsite has 2 type of plans.

“Raku x Raku Camp” (Easy plan) is a set of camping equipment, dinner BBQ and breakfast.

“Yu x Haku Camp” (Play and Stay Plan) is that the outdoor experience at the camp is a plan called staying at a hotel. The staff will give a lecture on how to set up a tent, so it’s safe for outdoor beginners. There is also a free site campsite where you can camp normally.

<Miyeyama Kogen Hotel Relaxia>

Please see the spring state of Mineyama Kogen Hotel Relaxia.

<Lift (Mountain Line)>

The second lift “Mountain Line” is a pair lift of 758 meters in length. You can enjoy the view of the Relaxsia forest, feel the wind of the plateau, listen to the song of birds, and enjoy the air swimming for a while. At the top there is a huge jungle gym “tic! tac! Climb MINEMAMA”.

<“tic! tac! Climb MINEMAMA”>

<Relaxia Forest / Norway Forest>

The “Relaxia Forest” on the premises of the Hotel Relaxia has become the filming location for the movie “Norway Forest”. The forest is a fantastic forest that changes in expression depending on the season, followed by deciduous groves of oaks. There is a small river in the forest and a suspension bridge. The walk way is maintained and there is a signboard to the shooting location. We walk from the hotel to the depths of the forest, and it takes about 1 hour to return.