Accommodation in Kamikawa-cho Part 2 “Green Echo Kasagata”

We introduce “Green Echo Tategata” where accommodation facilities such as cottages, lodges, sports facilities such as baseball stadiums, gymnasiums, athletics are to tell the attraction of Kamikawa-cho, Hyogo.

<Green Echo Kasagata>

Green Echo Kasagata is a place full of nature of Mt. Kasagata, it has accommodation facilities such as campsites, cottages and sports facilities such as wood houses, tennis courts, baseball stadiums, swimming pools and gymnasiums. Beside it has BBQ site, athletics, hot spring facilities and restaurants. There is a combined leisure facility. There are also rooms with meals (Japanese Style Room) and a building with training facility.

The barbecue site “Green Dome” is an all-weather dome with a roof, so you can rest assured against strong sunlight and sudden rain. The river “Carmin’s Mizube” flowing through the facility allows you to enjoy river play and catching Amago. You can also go to the famous “Henmyo-no-taki Waterfall” on the middle of Mt. Kasagata.

Every year, from early April to early June, about 1,000 small and large “carp-and-eye swimming” are held. This event, which has continued since 1984, is now a spring feature of Kamikawa. It is spectacular how colorful carp streamers swim in the blue sky and fresh green.

First of all, I would like to introduce from the accommodation.

<Cottage for 9 persons>

This cottage is about a 5-minute walk from the restaurant and general information center. Equipment such as a TV, air conditioning, and a small refrigerator are available. There is a tatami space, a bunk bed, and a loft in the living room. There is no bathroom.

<Cottage for 6 persons>

A cottage located about 5 minutes on foot from the restaurant and general information center. There are also barbecue sites (no roof) and equipment such as TVs, air conditioners, and small refrigerators. There is no bathroom.

<Wood House for 8 persons>

It is about a 5-minute walk from the restaurant and general information center. There are two parking lots in front of the wood house. There are special barbecue sites and equipment such as TVs, air conditioners, and small refrigerators. Compared to other cottages, it is new and fully equipped. The bathroom and toilet are modern and comfortable. There is also a Japanese-style room.

<White Cottage for 8 persons>

It is about 5 minutes by car from the restaurant and general information center. There is a tent site and a ground golf course nearby. There is a large parking lot in front of the cottage. Facilities include a dedicated covered barbecue site and equipment such as a TV, air conditioning, and a small refrigerator. There is no bathroom.

<Japanese Room>

There are Japanese taste room on the second floor of the building where there is a general information center and a restaurant. Dinner is a BBQ at the Kaiseki or Dome site (Special BBQ set). You can choose between Japanese and Western breakfast. You can also use it without meals. Facilities such as TV, air conditioning, small refrigerator, safe, kettle and tea set are also available. You can spend a comfortable time listening to the river. There is no bathroom, but it is connected to the public bath in the hallway.

From here, we will introduce each facility.

<Reception and Souvenir Shop>

When you arrive at Green Echo Kasagata, go here first. General information (administration building) for check-in for accommodation and reception of facility use. There is also a souvenir corner for special products from Kamikawa.


There is a restaurant in the back of the souvenir corner. In addition to table seats, there are also tatami rooms where you can enjoy banquets. There are also plenty of menus using set meals, bowls, noodles, snacks, and cuisine with Yuzu from Kamikawa Town. You can also eat “Wagyu Beef with Yum and  Citrus Sukiyaki” (reservation required), which won the “Nippon National Hot Pot Grand Prix 2019”. “Yum and Citrus sukiyaki set” that can be enjoyed without reservations are also popular.

<Green Dome>

This is an all-weather dome-shaped barbecue site that can be used for up to 500 people. With a roof, you can rest assured that the sun will be strong and rain will be strong.

<Athletics fields and activities>

<Carmin Waterside>

Amago grab (reservation required) and river play. In summer, you can also play on the slide in the river.

<Baseball Ground>

A full-scale baseball stadium with both wings 90m and center 100m. There is also a night game (not available in winter). It can be used not only for baseball but also for softball and soccer.


It can be used for various sports such as volleyball, basketball, table tennis and badminton.