Accommodation in Kamikawa-cho Part 3 “Nitta Furusato Mura”

<Nitta Furusato Village>

Nitta Furusato Village is a campsite at an altitude of 500m at the base of Sengamine, at the northern end of Kamikawa Town. Camping accommodation such as log cottages, the unique “Suginko Cabin” and the beautiful “Auto Site Amanogawa” are also a comprehensive outdoor facility with plenty of barbecue sites.
You can experience a variety of activities such as playing in the river in the nearby mountain stream and catching Amago fish, and enjoying a lawn slide, a water slide, and a tarzan rope at the “Montain General Square”. In addition, you can taste “Sengamine Soba” struck in famous water at the restaurant “Sengamine”.
Various events such as “Snow Festival”, “Spring Festival”, “Firefly Festival”, “Soba Flower Festival” are held every season.

* Pets are not allowed to enter the village.

*If you are not good at insects, please do not use.

<Soba Restaurant “Sengamine”>

A restaurant where you can eat delicious soba noodles struck with the famous water of Kamikawa. You can also make soba noodles (reservation required).

Kamikawa set meal 1,500 yen Mori Soba, Kake Soba 700 yen Tempura soba (kake / mori) 1,100 yen

<BBQ Site>

There are 3 types of barbecue sites. ・ “Ochigawa” site — with full roof. There are gas use sites and charcoal fire sites. ・ “Riverside” site — Tarp roof. Only on charcoal fire sites. Enjoy both river play and barbecue. ・ Grand site — with a roof. Only on charcoal fire sites. Next to the “Suginko cabin”. (* Available from April 1st to October 31st.)

<Suginko Cabin>

In the cedar grove, there are cute cabins in the shape of cedar trees. It is a tent replacement building with bedding, furniture, home appliances or electric fan inside.
There are desks and chairs under the cabin where you can enjoy a barbecue on the stove with legs. There are many wild birds in the area, and bird watching can be done from the cabin.
Available from April 1 to October 31. There are 10 buildings with a capacity of 5 people.

<Log Cottage>

There are 5 log cottages that can sleep up to 7 people. All seasons are available.
A refrigerator, microwave oven, rice cooker, kettle, cooking utensils, bedding, etc. are also available.
(However, all self-service and all garbage must be taken home. This is a campsite facility, not a hotel.)

<Auto Site “Amanogawa”(Milky Way)>

There are a total of 15 sites with constellation names.
One site is 80-100 square meters in size, and you can enjoy camping with a tent next to the car. Cooking is convenient because there is a water supply at each site. There is also a cooking building and a sanitary building (with toilets and coin-operated hot showers). You can also play in the beautiful stream next to the lawn square.
Available from April 1 to October 31.

<Mountain General Square>

It is a square in the forest where children can play happily. There are a lot of playground equipment such as long turf slide (300 yen for 20 minutes), water slide, cedar taker, swing, tarzan rope.