Kamikawa town Cherry blossom

There are many cherry-blossom viewing spots in Kamikawa-cho, Hyogo Prefecture. Among them, there are 240 varieties of 3000 cherry trees, and the “Oka-en”, called the “Sakura no Aozora Museum”, is a must-see. In addition, the Sakura of “Gin no Basha michi”, “Suisha koen”, “Sainokami”, “Daishido”, “Horakuji”, “Green Echo Kasagata” introduced in “Kamikawa-cho Sightseeing and Photography Guide” Vol. Introducing the scenery.

“Kamikawa Sakura no yama. Oka-en” is located on the foot of Mt. Otake in Higashi Kashio, Kamikawa-cho and is a “Sakura no Aozora Museum”, planting 3000 cherry trees of 240 varieties, the largest in western Japan, on 15 hectares of slope.Since the time of flowering varies depending on the variety, the whole mountain does not bloom at once, but it is a rare spot where some cherry blossoms bloom from the end of September to May of the following year.

Every year from Around March 20 to early May is the opening period. From single blooms to double blooms, the flowers bloom in succession from pure white, pale red, dark red, yellow green and rare green cherry blossoms. Cherry trees are planted on the slope, so you can enjoy picnics and walking while watching the flowers closer. If you climb up to Azumaya, you can see the beautiful scenery of Kamikawa Town.

The administrative office also sells special products from Kamikawa.

The promenade has various routes and is maintained, but since there are steep stairs and slopes, please go out with shoes that are easy to walk.
In addition, please be advised that pre-registration is required for off-season admission.

[Gin no Bashamichi]
On March 29, 2019, a full-scale horse-drawn monument was set up in this area as a visiting point of the Japanese heritage “Gin no Bashamichi”. The fence of the pond has been renewed and has been improved as a photogenic tourist spot. Especially recommended when the cherry blossoms bloom.

In Kamikawa-cho, about 10 km of the 49 km Gin no Bashamichi runs. Of these, Macadam-style pavement has been confirmed in the Yoshitomi Hatagawara area, and the figure at that time is preserved. Macadam-style pavement is a European-style pavement technique that creates a durable, well-drained road that is 60cm higher than paddy fields in the order of rough stone, pebbles, and beans gravel.

[Suisha Koen]
The Kamiwa area, where the watermill park and restaurant “Kotton-tei” are located, is located along prefectural road No. 8 where the Odawara River flows. This area is also known as a cherry blossom spot in Kamikawa Town. Cherry trees are planted along the Odawara River and around the watermill park so as to sandwich the prefectural road No. 8.

[Sai no Kami]
The megalith “Sai no Kami (Chanoki no Oiwa)” is a guardian deity and symbol of Kamikawa Town, and cherry blossoms along the Ochi River add color in the spring.

The “Daishido” in the Uneno area is quietly built over the red railing of the bridge over the beautiful stream of the Ochi River.
When the cherry blossoms bloom here, you can see a moist and spectacular scene that can be said to be the original Japanese landscape.

Cherry blossom spots are also along the Ochi River near the famous “Horakuji” in Kamikawa Town known as “Banshu Inu-dera”.
We recommend the scenery where you can see the red bridge, the mountain gate and the cherry blossoms from the other side of the bridge in front of the mountain gate.

[Green echo Kasagata]
The Green Echo Kasagata complex in the Uneno area is known for displaying many carp streamers when it comes to the end of the day. It is usually decorated from end of March to end of May, so you can enjoy carp streamers and cherry blossoms at the same time in early April.
Many cherry trees are planted near the entrance of the facility, and if you visit here by car, you will head to the general information center through the cherry blossom tunnel.

So far, we have introduced the cherry blossom spots in Kamikawa, but how was it? It is Kamikawa town that shows different charms depending on the season of spring, summer, autumn and winter, but the cherry blossom season is exceptional. In other words, the mascot character “Kermin” in Kamikawa is also in cherry blossom color.
Please visit Kamikawa-cho during the cherry blossom season.