Hyogo Prefecture Photo Library No.13 Kobe 3-Rokkosan Tourist Spots-

In the third Kobe series, we will introduce the sightseeing spots of Rokkosan. Rokko is a mountain with an altitude of 930 meters, just behind the city of Kobe. It forms the Rokko Mountains with Mount Maya and Futatabisan. You can easily climb to Rokko Mountain by Rokko cable, bus, car, etc., and there is a mountain trail. This time, we will introduce four tourist facilities on Mt. Rokko: Rokko Garden Terrace, Rokkosan Country House, Rokko Takayama Botanical Garden, and Rokko Music Box Museum.

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[Rokko Garden Terrace]

Rokko Garden Terrace is a popular complex with a great view spot on Mt. Rokko. There are 4 observatory facilities such as “Natural Experience Observatory Rokko Shidare” and “Scenic Deck”, 4 restaurants and cafes, and 5 shops. If the weather is good, it is one of the best viewing spots in Japan where you can see the scenery from the Akashi Strait to the city of Kobe, the Port of Kobe, the spread of the Osaka plain, the Osaka Wangan Line, and Kansai International Airport. At night, a spectacular night view of $ 10 million is spread.

≪Natural Experience Observatory Rokko Shidare≫
This is an observation deck that looks like a large tree standing on Mt. Rokko. The design is by Hiroshi Sanbuichi. Frames, walls, and floors are made from Nara Prefecture Yoshino urns. The trunk is covered with a foliate dome, and the inside is surrounded by the refreshing scent of cocoons and the light that leaks through the trees.
It is an observation deck where you can experience nature while enjoying the scenery of Mt. Rokko during the four seasons. At night, it is lit up in various colors, and its appearance on the mountain is very fantastic.

[View deck≫
It is a view point where you can see the Osaka area. Binoculars and benches are installed. Close to the sightseeing bus parking lot, along the deck is “Rokko Souvenir Hall” and casual restaurant “Rokko View Palace”. You can try“Kawarake Nage” from the Deck.


[A terrace with a view]
It has a stone staircase terrace. Since it is on the west side of the deck with a view, you can see the view of Kobe, Osaka Bay, and Osaka plain.


[Tower of the view≫
An 11m high tower made in the image of an old European building. You can enjoy an unobstructed 360-degree view from the top of the stairs.

[Rokko Mountain Country House]

A leisure facility full of nature on Mt. Rokko. The park has a large lawn open space and a pond, and there are many playgrounds that make use of nature such as fishing and putter golf. Part of the lawn area is open as a dog run for a limited time. The barbecue area is also full of covered areas, sunbeam areas, and dog areas.

Depending on the season, you can also enjoy flowers such as Rose Walk, a small diameter rose, a large swarm of Nikkoukisuge using ski slopes, and hydrangea. In winter, it becomes a ski resort and opens as Rokkosan Snow Park.


[Rokko Takayama Botanical Garden]

Opened in 1933 under the guidance of botanist Dr. Tomitaro Makino. Because it is near the top of Mt. Rokko, 865m above sea level, there is a considerable temperature difference from the city. A cool climate similar to southern Hokkaido. Using this climate, about 1,500 kinds of Rokkosan native plants are cultivated, centering on alpine plants in the world and Japan.

In the large garden of 50,000 square meters, there are areas such as a marsh plant area, rock garden, Himalayan area, hydrangea garden, forest area, flower field, and planting exhibits in a state close to the wild environment. In the rock garden, the scenery of the alpine rocky area is reproduced, and you can see the dicentra (flowering May-June) and Edelweiss (flowering June) that bloom quietly in the shade.

You can see “Mekonopsis Betonikifolia” (flowering May-June) called “Himalayan Blue Poppy” in Himalayan Ward, and the phantom hydrangea “Ichidanka” (Flowering June-July) in Hydrangea Garden. You can enjoy autumn leaves in the fall.

There are also a video hall that introduces the flowers blooming in the seasonal garden using a DVD, and a flower guide by the staff of the botanical garden (1st time 11:00, 2nd time 14:00, required time is about 30 minutes). Next to the east entrance is the “Edelweiss” mountain hut-style coffee shop where you can enjoy light meals such as curry, coffee and cake.

[Rokko Music Box Museum]

The Rokko Music Box Museum displays automatic musical instruments such as antique music boxes made in Europe and America from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. In the concert exhibition room on the second floor, a concert with commentary by the staff is held every 30 minutes.

From delicate to powerful performances such as clown doll music boxes, disc music boxes, the world’s largest dance organ, and automatic violin performances, you can actually see the music and listen to the sound. There are “regular concerts” and “special concerts” that change the theme and content depending on the season.

In the “Music Box Assembly Experience”, you can create your own music box by selecting the song and case and performing assembly work to adjust the tone. The garden of the museum is an English garden with seasonal flowers. There are nest box music boxes in the courtyard where you can stroll along the pond. The museum shop “Toon” is a music box specialty store that offers everything from affordable items to souvenirs.