Hyogo Prefecture Photo Library No.16 Awajishima 3-Sightseeing Spots in Hokudan-

In this series No. 1 and 2, we introduced Awaji Island, but this time we will introduce the Awaji Island third, focusing on tourist spots in Hokudan. “Awaji Hanasajiki” introduced at Awaji Island 2 and this time, we will introduce the state of rape blossoms in spring. The Harmony Farm Awaji, where you can take a stroll through Awaji Hanasaki, the Nijigen Nomori, where you can enjoy a variety of anime-themed attractions, the popular gourmet spot Nojima Scola, which uses a closed school, and the Akashi Strait. We will introduce “Akashi Kaikyo Park”, where seasonal flowers are colored on the hills that can be seen, and “TOTO See Wind”, a stylish hotel designed by Tadao Ando.

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[Awaji hanasajiki]

Located at the top of the hilly area overlooking the Akashi Strait and Osaka Bay, the flower field spreads out on the gentle slope facing the sea.

The area is about 15 hectares. It is about 4 times the size of Koshien. A panoramic view of the blue sky, the blue sea and the beautiful flower carpet opens up in front of you. You can enjoy seasonal flowers, but especially the rape field that spreads throughout the garden from the beginning of March to the middle of April is a masterpiece, and the final episode of the NHK continuous TV novel “Asa ga kita ” is a location in this rape field.

We are currently renovating a facility that has functions such as direct sales offices, restaurants, and toilets. Scheduled to reopen in March 2020. (Temporary shops and temporary toilets available)

[Harmony Farm Awaji]

This is a horse riding club on the hill at an altitude of about 250m, right next to “Awaji Hanasajiki”.

Even if you are riding a horse for the first time, you can have a horse riding experience with a bred horse (the staff will row the horse). There are “Awaji panoramic walk” and “Awaji Hanasajiki walk” to walk on a small hill overlooking the blue sea, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while shaking with the back of the horse.

For those who have experienced horse riding, there is a menu of an outside riding course where you can experience nature from the mountains of Awaji Island to the sea. The “Sea Swim” course (marine riding) that goes into the sea while riding a horse only in summer can only be experienced in Harmony Farm Awaji in Kansai. There are large open-air fields and indoor fields that face the sea, and you can take lessons according to your needs.

[Nijigen nomori]

Nijigen Nomori is an anime theme park in Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park. You can experience and experience the two-dimensional world of anime and manga with your five senses at the attraction that combines nature and the latest technology.
In addition, it is a park with a vast site area of ​​28 Tokyo Domes, where you can feel the nature of the seasons such as cherry blossoms, fireflies and migratory birds. The park also has a restaurant, shops for original goods and accommodation.

≪Appare! Sengoku Great Adventure! ≫
This is an athletic theme based on the theme of the movie Crayon Shin-chan. It’s a huge athletic like a fort in the Sengoku period. There are four courses according to difficulty level, which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

≪Challenge! Action Masked Squadron! ≫
Two zip lines of 225m and 140m that wear an “action mask” helmet and glide on the surface of the water (outbound only at night). On the way, it is thrilling to pass through the attack of a huge water gun by the black meke meke dan.

≪Fluffy! Quantum Robo! ≫
Quantum Robo is the main feature of the movie “Superconducting Quantum Robo” in the anime “Crayon Shin-chan”. Since the beginning of the work, Shin-chan has been using Quantum Robo toys.

fluffy! Quantum Robo! Is a dome-shaped air toy with a shape of “Quantum Robo” and a height of about 10m. You can play by flying and bouncing in the fluffy dome.

《Nightwalk Firebird》
Based on the theme of Osamu Tezuka’s manga “Firebird”, this is a new type of experience-based attraction that allows you to enjoy a light and sound show while walking a distance of 1.2km.
Along with the story of Osamu Tezuka’s eldest son, Makoto Tezuka, you can experience a fantastic view of the world of firebirds with projection mapping and music.

≪Grand Chariot Big Dipper 135 ° ≫
Glamping facility on a hill with a good view. From the observation deck, you can get a panoramic view of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and the opposite shore. You can see the starry sky from the skylight of the room.
The guest room, called Cocoon, is a comfortable space where you can feel the warmth of wood. There are specially designed rooms for Crayon Shin-chan and Hello Kitty.

[Nojima Scola]

Nojima Skoura is a complex tourist facility created by renovating the closed Nojima Elementary School. “Scola” means “school” in Italian.

It is now a popular tourist spot visited by more than 150,000 people annually, and is attracting attention as a model case for regional revitalization.

There is a cafe, Marche, bakery on the 1st floor, an Italian restaurant on the 2nd floor, a BBQ terrace on the 3rd floor, a kids space, a city of international fleas, and a zoo outside. There are also items from the elementary school.

[Akashi Kaikyo Park]

Akashi Kaikyo Park is a garden park built on the site where soil and sand for land reclamation was collected at Kansai Airport. In the vast garden that covers about 100ha, you can enjoy various flowers depending on the season.

There are many flower photography points in the park, but the state of blooming flowers and trees changes from day to day. When photographing flowers, please refer to “Flower Information” on the Akashi Kaikyo Park website.

[TOTO See Wind Awaji]

A resort house designed by architect Tadao Ando. The unique and concrete building unique to Ando architecture is built on a steep slope.

The location overlooking Osaka Bay is wonderful, and the blue sea and blue sky can be seen from the lobby and restaurant in the hotel. The view from the small window is like a cut-out painting.

There are Western-style rooms, Japanese-style rooms, and maisonette types, and all rooms are made by TOTO. It looks like a showroom where you can experience accommodation.